Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Zipper Flower

Hello all!

It's Wednesday and that means I am here with another tip for you!  Today I am gong to demonstrate how to make a zipper flower.  There are a few different kinds of zipper flowers, a rolled zipper flower usually comes to mind.  Today I will share how to make a zipper flower with petals.

First gather your supplies....

 you will need a zipper, needle and thread, scissors and a circle of felt.
 Start by stitching the end of your zipper to the centre of the felt circle.  Leave your needle and thread handing from the back of the felt circle as youw ill need it again.
 Create a loop and stitch through the centre again to keep your first petal secure.  You do not need any more than a stitch or two.
 Create a second petal and stitch it to keep it secure as well.
 Repeat for a third petal.
 And  a fourth! Now you can tie off the need and thread, and snip it off.
 Next you will start rolling the remainder of the zipper from the end towards the centre of the flower.
 After rolling part way, put a couple of stitches into the bottom of the roll to hold it secure.
 Continue rolling the rest of the way to the centre of the flower.
 Now secure this centre 'bud' portion of the flower to the centre of the petals.
 Almost done!
 Flip your flower over and trim off any excess felt.

Ta da!   You have a sweet flower embellishment for your next layout!  Next time I think I will try a 5 petal flower, and then maybe a rolled flower.

Note - you can always use hot glue if you are not a needle and thread kind of gal!

Thanks for popping by!

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