Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fixing a miscut Tutorial

Hi there!

Happy Hump day!  I have a little tutorial to share with you today.  I know we say that there aren't any mistakes in scrapbooking but, really sometimes there are little ones.  And I thought i would share how I corrected a mistake I made recently.  Maybe it could be helpful to someone else.

When I was creating this layout, I cut the paper too narrow. It should have laid under 3 photos but it only fit 2.

In two easy steps I solved the problem.  First off, I cut a second piece of paper large enough to fill the gap, making sure I lined up the pattern perfectly.  Secondly, when I inked the edges of my paper I made sure I did not ink the edges along the erroneous cut lines., this way I do not draw attention to it.

After piecing my layout together and embellishing, you cannot even tell there is a mistake!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope these tips helps you out if you ever make a little boo boo!


  1. I've done something similar when I couldn't create a die cut border that completely went from edge to edge. It's really great when you get all the other stuff on top and hide the boo-boos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah great save... you are right you can't tell... I need to remember that... super cute layout too. Love those papers...