Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Embellishing your backgrounds Tutorial

Hi there,

I have a new tutorial to share today. When I am teaching classes or doing demos, I often get asked just how I know where to add products like, paint, mist and texture medium to my page, so I thought I would share this little tip on what I often do.

 First I gather up my basic elements, cutting papers and photos to size.  I do not worry about embellishments or titles at this point.

 Then I adhere them together with a minimal of adhesive.  I usually go back and add more adhesive later, but at this stage I just add a bit to the centre so that I can go in and tuck in bits of tags, embellishments of other papers as I desire.

You will notice in this case, as I often do, I just stapled everything together by placing a single staple underneath where I know a photo will sit.  This allows me all the flexibility I desire for add more to my page later on.

Now I lay this stack of papers onto my base page to get a visual of where it will sit.

And then I can move it aside and add the desired mediums to my background, which is paint in this case, stamped with a recycled margarine tub to make it the size I needed.

I now lay my papers over top and see how it looks.

I decided to add a bit more paint, this time using a mask, so I pulled my papers away and did just that.

The paint dries really quick so I was immediately able to build up my page by adding back the papers, photos and then embellishing.

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  1. Thank you for the tips, greatly appreciated !

  2. This is a wonderful tutorial, as this is something I always struggle with, so thanks so much!