Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Die Cutting with Ease - Tutorial Wednesday

Hello there!

Have you ever had that scrappy moment, when you are try to die cut an element and it needs to be lined up just perfectly?  You know the one where precision matters and you have one chance to get it right.  Are your Cuttlebug mats slightly curved with use like mine are?  You know what I mean!

Well here is a quick tip to get it right the first time....

 See what I mean?   My little digital stamp is all coloured up and now I need to cut him out, but he fits inside the frame just perfectly so I have no room for error.  And I do not want to colour another one!
Well here is the solution, a little Washi tape.  It holds everything together so nicely, and unlike regular tape doesn't leave any stickiness behind,  So if I accidentally overlap the tape onto my die cut portion, it won't harm it.

How easy is that!  One more quick fix for your arsenal of scrappy info.!

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  1. Such a smart idea ... I'm definitely going to be using this one!