Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boo Bucket with Epiphany - Tutorial Wednesday

Hi there!

We are one week away from Halloween and I have one more quick and fun Halloween tutorial for you today.  Another one to get the kids involved in.

Gather your supplies ... you will need a container of some sort (recycle something if you want, you can always 'undo' this and reclaim your container after Halloween) and white crepe paper.
 You will also need a scrap of black and white card stock, a small circle punch (about 1/2") and a large circle Epiphany.  I only have the scalloped circle Epiphany but it worked just fine.
 The first step is creating our large googly eyes.  Punch two 1/2" black cardstock circles.  Then adhere these onto the white cardstock, like this.
 Now line this up in your Epiphany, slightly off centre, add your epoxy top and punch.  Repeat for second eye.
 You should end up with this.  Or plain circles if that is the Epiphany you own.
 Now start wrapping your bucket with crepe paper.  Do this nice and messily, so it looks like a spooky mummy!  Just use a few glue dots here and there to hold things in place , especially if you want to reclaim the bucket after Halloween.
 Now add your googly eyes, tucking them under  your mummy wrap.
 Cute, right?  Easy, too!
 Fill him up with candy and you are all set for Halloween.
You can make this as large as you like, you can also let the kids make one each, the more the merrier!

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  1. This is just the cutest! Love this idea!

  2. really cute.. something i would have made when home with the kids around for Halloween.. great project and so easy too... TFS