Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday

Hi there!

I have a fun little tutorial for you today.  This would make a great party favour or something to pop into your purse or diaper bag if you have lots of running around to do or appointments to go to.

 I started out by opening a Word Document onto my computer and cutting and pasting some freebie digital stamps and coloring pages onto the blank Word page, resizing them to fit into about 1/4 of the page, as I went along.

You can find free digital stamps here and free coloring pages here.  Both sites update often.

 I cut all of the images down to 4" x 5.25".  Then I stacked the coluring sheets up onto a piece of cardstock, scored at 5.5" and 11", just below the 5.5" score mark, so that the sheets are nestled between the 2 score lines.
 Now pierce along the top of your colouring pages, right through the cardstock below.
 And start stitching.  Any embroiery floss like thread will do.
 Now go back the other way.
 Now fold the cardstock along the score lines.  You should end up with something that resembles this.
 Sort of like a match book.
 Run some ribbon around the bottom of your booklets.  I stapled mine on, I will be hiding the staples in the next step.
 A little bottom.

 And then decorate the front.... just like a card.... you can even personalize it.

And that's it... minute to create, easy to mass produce!

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