Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - Mr. Huey's journaling lines

Hi there!

I have a fun and easy tip to share with you today!

 As always, start by gathering your supplies.  You will need Mr. Huey's spray mist in the colour of your choice, a scrap piece of paper in the length you would like your journaling lines to be, and some clear plastic food wrap.  Rally you can mist onto a paint palette or whatever you have.  You will see why I like the food wrap below.
 Mist a good puddle of mist onto the food wrap, trying to keep it in a line.
 Now dab your scrap piece of paper into it to saturate the edge.
 Next use this piece of scrap paper just like a stamp to create journaling lines.
 Re-wet the paper for each line and continue on for as many lines as you will need.
 For this demo, I created my lines on another piece of paper that could be trimmed down to create a journaling tag.  You an also stamp your lines right onto your layout.
 This is why I like the food wrap.... simply fold up the extra mist and the scrap paper into the food wrap and toss it into the garbage.... no mess!  I love that!
This is a layout that I used this technique on.  I smudged my first one a little, but I don't mind that look - handmade and all!

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  1. Fantastic idea! These mists are so versatile ...thanks for sharing so many fabulous ways to use them!