Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - Die Storage

Hi there!

I have another quick and easy tip for you today.  In the next few weeks I will be back with more detailed tutorials, however, I am keeping it simple for now as we are busy, busy enjoying the last week of summer.

Once the kiddies return to school I will be giving my house a thorough clean and organizing - being away for a chunk of the summer has wreaked havoc on it, especially my craft room!   Grabbing things for projects to take away with us and then tossing them back in when we return - repeatedly - as we turn around and leave again, means it is a mess.

I thought I'd share my die storage with you today.  I wanted something ...

-simple, so they would get put away again
-cheap, because I would rather spend my money on papers and embellies
-portable, so I could quickly grab what I want to take to crops and our trailer

... this seems to work nicely and fall into all three categories.

 I picked up these photo magnets at our local dollar store.
 I sliced off the seal at one end only.
 then added an extra piece of cardboard to the back for stability.  A cereal box works well.
 Then simply stick the dies onto the magnetic side.
They all fit nicely into this dollar store fabric basket.

I keep a few extra photo magnets on hand just in case I buy more dies!  Oh, who am I kidding - of course I buy more dies!

Anyway, when I go to a crop, retreat or to our trailer I just grab the ones I want (or the whole basket) and I am set!

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  1. Fab idea ... saves a ton of space and a great way to organize!

  2. Wow what a great idea! I'm going to check the dollar stores!