Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Twine Tips

Hello all!

Today is Wednesday and that means I have a tip or technique to share with you, and today it is a little tip. 

Have you ever wrapped twine around your card or layout and couldn't get it to sit just where you wanted ti to?  Well, if that's you here are a couple of ideas to help keep your twine just were you want it.

First up is a card I created a little while ago....
When I created this card, the twine kept slipping from where I wanted it to sit.  Adding a couple of notching with my hole punch, secures the twine perfectly.

Here is another idea.....
For this layout I punched a couple of holes into the striped patterned paper and ran my twine through it, to keep it secured.

I hope this helps you out if you are having some of the same issues I was with my twine.  Thanks for visiting our blog today, we really appreciate it!


1 comment:

  1. Very useful tips ... especially since I feel the need to wrap twine around every project these days :) Thanks for sharing ... love the layout of your sons monkeying around!