Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday -Ticket Stub Strip

Hi there!

Have you noticed that ticket stubs are a popular embellishment?  Like this strip of tickets, I used on this card .....

Well, you can buy ticket stubs or you can use a die cutting machine to create them.  But I came up with an easy way to make them yourself!  And better yet it requires no fancy tools.  (I should have thought of this before I invested in a ticket stub die! lol, oh well - live and learn!)

First gather your supplies, you will need a hole punch (any kind will do, a basic hole punch, an eyelet tool, or a Crop-a-dile - whatever you have on hand) a pencil, a ruler, and whatever tool you use to score (the score blade on your trimmer or a Scorepal).

 Start by trimming a piece of cardstock 1 inch wide, by whatever length you will need for your project (mine is 8.25").
Now using a pencil (I used pen so that you can see it) draw a line along the centre point of the length of your paper, on the backside.

 Next, starting at the centre point, measure out 1 inch on either side of the centre and score, continue scoring at 2 inch increments along the length of your paper.
It will end up looking like this.

 Now for the whole punching, turn your paper over and punch a hole where your score line meets your pencil line.  Repeat along the length of the strip of paper at each scored line.
 Now punch a half hole along the score line at both the top and bottom of the strip, like the image above.
You will end up with a ticket strip like this!  Which you can incorporate as a whole piece on a project or you can cut down into individual tickets to use as a smaller embellishment.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


  1. Fabulous idea! I'm definitely going to try this out soon!

  2. Brilliant, Laura, absolutely brilliant!

  3. Love these! A new fav I think :)

  4. Buying embellishments can be very costly. I am always looking for alternatives. This is an awesome idea! Thanks so very much!