Saturday, April 7, 2012

Retreat Reveals!

Hello all!

I am popping in today to share some of the fantastic layouts that were creating at the ScrapMuch? Spring Retreat last weekend!  Everyone created such amazing projects and I am honored that you shared your layouts, photos and stories with me, and allowed us to share them here with the rest of the www.

In no particular order .....

Snow Angels by Ann K

Friends by Brenda T

Sweet Pea by Danie

Lexi love by Jenn V

Boo by Jenn V

You R My Sunshine by Jenn V

Happy Easter by Danie

Reptilia by Jenn V

A Dogs 10 Pet Peeves about Humans by Joanne

I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the creator for this layout if it was you leave me a comment so I can correct it!

Baby chick by Joanne
If the Shoe fits by Joanne

Man's Best Friend by Joanne

Winter Fun by Joanne

Wittle Wabbit by Joanne
Friends by Kathy J

Life's a Beach by Kathy J

Touch Journey by Kathy J
Back to School by Lee C

Puppy Love by Lee C

Rangers in Training by Lee C
Antwerp by Sandy R

Happy Chick by our sweet Marion

Roar by Nancy L
Amsterdam by Sandy R
Barcelona by Sandy R
Brussels by Sandy R

In Bruges by Sandy R

Paris by Sandy R
Lest we Forget by Sandy R

London by Sandy R
Sisters by Sandy R

Sweet as Apple Pie by Sarah K

Sophie So Good by Sarah K

Escape to the Great Outdoors by Sheri H

I choose to be happy by Sheri H

Princess by Sheri H

We are made to find enjoyment by Sheri H
Christmas by Stacy R

Don't Stop Believin' by Stacy R

My girl by Stacy R

4:09:10.7 by Stacy R
Apple of my Eye by Suzanne S

Chatham Museum of Natural History by Suzanne S

Uncle Lief by Suzanne S

Exuberance is beauty by Suzanne S
Berry Sweet by Victoria K

Catching Raindrops by Victoria K

Bathing Bingo by Victoria K
Blossom by Victoria K

Wienie Roast by Victoria K
If you have a close look at each layout you will find a beautiful technique that you can apply to your own art.  These creations run the gamete from clean and crisp to heavily detailed.  Some are fun and whimsical and other are so very poignant, marking daily events, milestones or journeys.  Just the type of things we as memory keepers love to document!

Thank you all for sharing this wonderful weekend with us!


  1. Wow! What a talented group of ladies we had at the retreat! Thanks so much for sharing your creations. I loved looking at everyone of them. Thanks Laura for taking them and sharing them with us! Well done! Anita

  2. So many incredible layouts! What a creative group of women -- I love all of the different styles and techniques! Thanks for sharing!