Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Featured Customer

Hello all!

It's my favourite time of the month again!  Featured customer day!  And today we are introducing you to Jenn VanderMuelen-Young !

 This is Jenn with her beautiful family.  We met just shortly before the birth of ScrapMuch? and enjoy her humour and generosity at crops and retreats!

Let's get to know Jenn by checking out her A's to our Q's!
1. How long have you been scrapbooking?

I started scrapbooking after the birth of my first son Will (fall 2009). My friend Sheri, an experienced scrapper, encouraged me to give it a try and I was instantly hooked! We would scrap while our babes slept and fill their waking hours with photo shoots (poor kids). Sheri invited me to come out to her hostess club which led to scrapbooking with a fabulous group of girls (2 of which own, operate, and design for Scrapmuch). Love, love, love scrapbooking!

2. Do you also create hand made cards?

I have made a few cards for friends and family and do really enjoy the option of completing a small project when I am in need of some scrap-therapy. I find cards are the only thing I can scrap at home with the cats and kids running around.

3. Who is your favourite subject to scrapbook?

My beautiful boys. My kids are definitely my creative inspiration. Every time I take a picture of them doing something silly I think of what paper would suit the scene and what accents I have to make the picture pop.

4. Where do you find your scrapbooking inspiration?

I am most inspired by the girls I scrap with, they are a very creative group. I am constantly scrap-lifting from each and every one of them. I can be an incredibly efficient scrapper when I have access to someone else scrapbook. Magazines and online sketches are another resource. I am in awe of people who can scrap without a template in front of them - that is definitely something I aspire to do.

5. Where do you scrapbook?

Unfortunately, I don't get much time to scrap. Since the birth of my second son I have hardly scrapped at all!!! I can't scrap at home because of my crazy cats (they get into everything) so I only scrap with I can get together with my scrappy friends. So where do I scrap? At ScrapMuch crops and retreats, charity crops (JustGutsta Scrap), and occasionally I go to a fellow scrappers house and get creative.

6. What is one of your current favourite products?

I love Bazzil flowers! Also, I finally bought liquid glass...I use it to tack down everything! Though my current favourite product has to be the Sew Easy!

7. Do you have a blog that we can share with our readers?

I tried blogging once, I just can't commit to the time it takes to maintain a blog. 

And here are a few of Jenn's favourite layouts.....
We love the muted colours of this layout with a pop of red in the flower.

We love that Jenn used 3 photos on a one page layout, the over sized title is also a great touch.

We love that this layout just says fall, it definitely sets the scene for this sweet photo.

We love that Jenn was able to make this pretty page look masculine as well.
Thank you so much Jenn for being our Featured Customer this month (pretty painless, right?)!  I really appreciate it, and our readers love getting to know other scrappers!

If you or anyone you know would like to be a featured customer, please send me an email here.   You can expect to receive a confirmation email, then a few weeks before your turn a second email detailing what we would need from you.  Sign up today to be placed on the list, we are looking for someone to feature for April and beyond!
Thanks for visiting us today!

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  1. What a beautiful showcase of Jenn's work! I enjoyed reading about her journey as a scrapper :) Her sons are the CUTEST!!!