Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Swirly Twine Flower

Hello all!

I saw these cute swirly twine flowers on many projects online and thought I needed to share them with you all!

Let's get started....

First gather your supplies.  You will need a circle of card stock the approximate size of your finished flower, twine (or any other type of 'cording' and liquid glue (or large glue dots)..

Add liquid glue to you card stock circle.

Tie a knot in one end of your twine.

Place the knot in the centre of your 'gluey' card stock, then start working around the card stock in a circular fashion.

Continuing on until the entire circle is filled in.

This is one I did out of heavier weight jute.  It was not as playable thus the hole in the centre but that is okay, I will be topping them off with a button.

And this is a card that I made with my swirly twine flower'
Thanks for popping by!

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