Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - using those negative die cuts


Happy Wednesday!  Are you ready for your tip of the week?  Today I am going to show you what to do with the piece of paper you have left after you make a die cut.

You know we all like to make die cuts to doll up our projects, with hand crank machines or the electrical ones.  Well, if you plan things right you can use the reverse or negative image as well!

This is a basic die cut image, from my Cuttlebug.
 Now, I know you know how to use these... like this on a card or other type of project.
 But what if you use the negative part as well?  Just be a little more careful with the piece of paper you are making your die cut from... taking care where to place the die before cutting.
 And then you can make something like this card, using the negative space to let the patterned paper show through.  Of course you could always use a piece of paper with even more negative images on it.
 Cute, right?  And easy too!  For every card you are making die cuts for, you can potentially make two cards.  Or better yet, for every page layout you make die cuts for, you can use the negative image along with your scraps to make a card!

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