Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Shaped Cards

Hi there!

Shaped cards are so pretty, and I know you can buy the bases but then you don't get to really choose a colour that coordinates with your pattern paper.   So for today's tutorial I wanted to show you an easy way to make shaped cards.

As always gather your materials...

I am going to make 2 cards, one using a butterfly die and one using a label die.  They are about 4 x 4 inches.   Why not make two at once, everything is out and ready to go, if you use scraps from the same collection you even have matching papers our and ready.

For each I have chosen a cards base slightly larger than the die.
 Now run each die and card base through your die cutting machine.

 The only thing you have to make sure to do is lower the top folded edge of your card base about a 1/2 inch below the top of the die.  Like so......

 You will end up with this....

 Here is another view point for you......

 Next, cut out a full die cut the same size and shape as your card in any paper you would like.

 Adhere these to the fronts of your card bases. so the cards now look like this.

 Now embellish as desired.

 Here is a look at the other card.

 There you have it!  Quick, easy and cute!

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