Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Needle Storage Tip with Laura

I often use a needle when scrapbooking, maybe to add a few stitches here and there or to sew on a little embellishment like a button, clip or wood veneer piece.  And I frequently lose my needle in my pile of scrappy stuff that I am working with.  The other evening I decided enough was enough and came up with this quick and easy Needle Storage Tutorial to share with you, and to keep me from losing one more needle!

I used this pretty little milk glass bowl that I had in my collection, but any little bowl or dish will be just perfect for this.

I have some of these magnetic sheets (from the dollar store) in my stash.  I use them for a lot of things, but never what they are intended for, lol.

I grabbed a circle die that matched the size of my dish.

And ran the magnetic sheet and die through my Cuttlebug.  You could always trace the bottom of your dish onto the back of the magnetic sheet and trim it by hand, if you do not have a manual die cutting machine.

The nice feature of these magnetic sheets is that they are self adhesive.

Now just adhere the magnetic piece to the inside bottom of your dish.

And gather up all those pins and needs that you have scattered around.

And dump them into your pretty and functional little bowl.

Look, you can even hold the dish on its side and the needles stay put!  This is particularly great in case you ever knock your dish over!

And it looks so pretty on my desk!

This makes me happy - it really is the little things!

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