Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dry Embossing Large Page Elements | Tutorial

It is Wednesday and that means I get to share another tip with you! The other day I wanted to add some dry embossing to a larger element on a layout that I was working on.  I wanted to add a frame to my page that I had die cut using my Silhouette.  The piece was twice as wide as my embossing folder so I knew I would have to emboss it one side at a time, but it would not fit through my Cuttlebug, so I had a bit of a predicament.

I pondered how to "press" my element in my embossing folder for a minute and came up with this.

As mentioned, I could only emboss half of my piece at a time, so I lined up one side in the folder

and then I pressed it with a rolling pin. I did not have to press very hard at all to get a good impression.

Here is a little peek at the first half.

Then I adjusted my die cut and repeated for the second half.

 Now with both sides done, it looks great, and took no time at all!

Here is a look at it on my page.

And this is a full shot of my layout.

I can see me using this tip for small embossed pieces too, why haul out the Cuttlebug for little jobs??!! Or maybe you do not have a Cuttlebug but like the look of dry embossing, hmm got you thinking didn't I?

So glad you stopped by today!


  1. What a great idea thanks for sharing.

  2. Great job! Never thought it would really work.

  3. Brilliant idea!!!!!!!! Will put this idea to good use! Thank you!1