Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Washi Tape Mask Background | Technique

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Laura here today sharing some tips on how to create a fun background for your next project using Washi tape as a mask.


For this project, you will need a roll of Washi tape (a wide width tape will be easier to work with, distress ink or colour mediums of your choice and white cardstock (although Kraft would also work). Just an FYI, the first time I tried this I used an inexpensive plain white cardstock and the tape tore the paper.  When I switched to American Crafts texture cardstock I did not have any problems.

For my layout, I began by adding strips of tape in a diagonal striped fashion.  I tore one side of the tape for extra interest. I would recommend using a wider tape if you are going to be tearing.  Conversely if you do not want to tear you can add interest by using a variety of widths of tape.  Also, you can use any type of pattern you would like to create with the tape.

Then I began filling in colours, choosing to work with just four.  Working across my diagonals to draw the colour down for a bit of extra impact.

Once I was done, I carefully removed the tape.  I really like the look that I achieved, it is almost water colour like.

I completed my page by placing a single photo in the centre and then adding clusters of embellishments in a single colour over the particular stripe that they coordinate with.  It was super fun going through my stash and pulling out a bunch of randomness to use on my page!

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