Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paper Trees Tutorial

Hi friends!

I have a new tutorial to today, sharing how to make these cute paper trees.


 So let's get started.  You will want to grab several sheets of paper for the bases of your trees. I decided to go with traditional green but they would be cute in any colour.  Then you will need some skewer sticks or narrow dowels, small Styrofoam balls,  something for your bases - these wooden spools work nicely, glue and some embellishments.

I created these templates for you, in both a jpeg file and a png file.  click on them to enlarge and then save to your desktop.

jpeg file template

png file template

You can print them in various sizes onto printer paper and then cut and trace or you can cut your pattern paper down to 8.5 inches and load it into your printer and print directly onto it.  Cut along the solid lines. DO NOT score on the dotted line it is just for guidance in lining up your tree.  if you score along it your tree will not look round.

Apply liquid adhesive (something quick drying like hot glue or Zip Dry) along this tab and roll your tree into shape.

I used a combination of bulldog clips and washi to hold things in place while they dried.  This allowed me to move along from one to the next very quickly.

Now to assemble the bases.  I wrapped some holiday washi around my spools.  Then glued the Styrofoam balls onto the skewers with the same adhesive as above. Now adhere the skewers into the spools.  You can use hot glue if you like.  But honestly, I used Play-Doh to wedge things into place.  I know this may seem silly, but I figured I would likely want to reuse these spools in a year or two, because lets face it paper trees will not last forever.

Now add some adhesive to the tops of the spools and adhere the paper cones onto them.  (They should be good and dry by now.)

Now the fun part, doll those babies up!

Hope you give this a try, they are really fun, and you could do this with gkids with a little supervision with the hot glue part.  Or use Zip Dry like I did, I am a menace with a glue gun!

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