Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Washi Clips - Tutorial

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Welcome to another Tutorial Wednesday!   Does your family use 'chips clips'?  You know the little clips to hold chips and other bags closed to keep them fresh.  Well, ours are always going missing, so I created this little tutorial to restock our supply, on the cheap.

 You will need clothes pins, magnetic tape and your favourite Washi.
 Start by covering one side of the clothes pin with Wahi.
Trim off any excess.
Now adhere the magnetic tape onto the back, you will want to secure this until the glue is set.  Funnily enough, the clothes pins work perfect for this!
And here they are all finished and stuck on the fridge where we will be able to find them when we need them, and they can do double duty to hold notes and lists!
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  1. So cute ! Gonna make these myself ! Thanks for the inspiration !