Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Reusable Note Pad Holder

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While I we were at Scrapfest,  I had the pleasure of running the make and take for our booth for a couple of hours Friday night and Saturday Afternoon.  On Friday night I helped 100 women create this sweet little note pad holder designed by  Eileen.  And let me tell you, this was a huge hit!  We had line ups of women waiting to do this and each person that left with their sweet little book was so pleased! 

First you are going to start with a 9.5" x 12" piece of double sided patterned paper.  You can see in the photo that we left the label edge of the paper in tact.  I think this helps to give  you a studier top.

With  a series of scoring, a few snips and some adhesive, you will have yourself a note pad cover!

Using the 9.5" measurement as your width, score 1/2" in from either side.  Then find the centre point, which should be 4.25" and score 1/4" on wither side of the centre, creating a half inch spine.

Now turn your paper the other way and score 6.25" from the left edge (the side without the label on it).  This will be the top edge and by making it a little longer than the bottom you will have an easier time inserting your note pad.

Lastly,  as shown in the photo snip a 'v' into the top to edges and bottom 2 edges as well as the centre point, creating flaps.
Now fold the flaps in so they lay on top of the paper.  Add adhesive to the top left and right flaps, and down the centre spine.  Fold the label in and then the bottom up over the top. You can now insert your 4" x 6" note pad  You will probably want to make sure you have good creases at your score lines so the cover sits smooth and flat.

Now you can embellish the front as you choose.  This is one of our ScrapFest samples.
 Inside view. Notice the outer flaps are folded in and the bottom is folded up over the top, leaving a little gap to insert the note pad.

 Top view.

It sounds way more complicated than it is, go ahead and try it, you will love it!

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