Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Another Gift Card Holder

Hi there!

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping in to see my tip of the week!  This week I have another gift card holder to share with you.... can't have too many of these with the holidays coming up, right?

First off, start with a 5.5" x 8.5" piece of cardstock.  Then create a decorative edge on one of the 5.5" ends, using a punch or die.
Then score along the 8.5" length at 1 1/4".
 And at 5".

 Now fold along the score lines, Your card will sit like so.....

 Add adhesive to the inside area, on the 1 1/4" fold, along the outside edges.  Sounds confusing?  Check out the photo!

 See, you made a pocket!  Perfect spot to tuck in a gift card!

 Now it's time to fancy it up.  Cover the pocket with patterned paper.

 Add more patterned paper to the top flap.  You can use one pattern or two and repeat some of the paper you have previously used.

 I added some glitter, too.  I've been on a glitter kick lately.  Why not, sparkly goes with the holidays, right?

 Next, I used some of these dime sized velcro circles that I picked up from the dollar store.

 Add one the the under side of the top flap and another to the front of the pocket, so that the two line up.

 Here is a look at the conpleted outside with a few embellishments added.

 And the finished inside.

Easy, right?  Are you going to try one?  Go for it!

Thanks again for stopping tin to see what we are up to!

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