Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frosted and Embossed Acrylic

Hi there!

I ran across this tutorial online and knew I just had to give it a whirl, it is so fun and easy - you will love it!  It also involves a bit of recycling so with earth day coming up next week it is perfect timing, too!

 I am using an old American Crafts pop dot package, I always keep these as they can be using for so many things.

 First you want to separate the front and back.  I will put the front away for the next time I want to mix a bit of white paint with mist to make a custom colour, it make a great palette.

 Trim the edges off of the back piece so that you have a nice flat piece of acrylic.

 Now pop that nice flat piece of acrylic into your Cuttlebug or other embosser, and run it through. I am working with a large polka dot embossing folder.

 How cute is this, it embossed like a charm!

Next, I sanded it with an emery board, you could also use fine grit sandpaper.  I just didn't have any handy. (Read, I was too lazy to go to the garage and look for some.)  This photo shows the subtle difference between the non sanded dots on the left and the sanded dots on the right.

Here is a little close up shot of how the embossed acrylic looks on my projects.

 This is my finished project, a birthday card for a sweet friend!

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  1. Laura, this is so cool. I love it, and the recycling aspect is a bonus!!
    I love your ideas because the possibilities are endless!