Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CHA Update

Hello Friends!

I know I promised you an update sooner on all our CHA happenings, my apologies, time has gotten away from us.  We have spent many hours at the convention centre perusing samples and new lines to ensure we bring home only the best for you.  We met with old friends, such as American Crafts, who were super kind to us and new Jillibean Soup.  Check out this great picture of us with Summer Fullerton, Kimber McGray and the Jill from Jillibean......
We can't wait until all the new shipments of goodies come in!  We have ordered 16, yup you read right,  16 new collections for you!  Not to mention a plethora of new tools! (Insert squeal of excitement here!)

On a sad note, due to extreme weather conditions we are snowed in!  Please don't worry about us, although we miss our families, we are safe. As you can see from the pictures, we took the news of our flight cancellation pretty hard.

 This is us at the Santa Monica Pier!
And shopping on Santa Monica Blvd!

After that we had a fab dinner!  And now off to the hot tub!  How unfortunate!  Please don't feel too bad for us! LOL

Stay turned for our newsletter later this week, with further CHA updates and more details on our spring retreat.

Hugs to our families.
Laura, Elaine and Anita

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