Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DIY Glitter Dots | Tutorial

Hey friends,  Laura here today with a fun tutorial to share today, and a few tips along the way.

The other day I thought I would try to make my own "enamel dots" which I have done before and shared here.  That time I used Glossy Accents and Nail Polish.  This me I thought I would try to mail glittery dots.  So I grabbed some Stickles, waxed paper and a stencil with small circles on it.

You might be able to tell my first mistake right off the hop, here.  I didn't choose a stencil with perfect circles. Doh!  Oh well.

I randomly squirted some Stickles into several of the circles of the mask, making a tiny little mound on the waxed paper.

Like this.

Then I lifted the stencil straight up to avoid catching my Stickles on the stencil and wrecking their shape.  Be sure to wash your stencil right away at this point.

Then I put my little dots aside to dry.  Right aside, as in across the room.  I am famous for putting papers on top of my drying Stickles!  Please tell me it is not just me!

The next day, I picked each little dot off of the waxed paper, they came off perfectly and easily.  And they are not overly misshapen seeing as I started with the wrong stencil.  In the photo above they are pictured in a little dish.  I think these little beautifies would look perfect on a card or layout.  A little drop of adhesive from a glue pen will stick them down just perfectly.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I also tried a few other stencil shapes.  FAIL!  They were too brittle when they dried. Live and learn!

Thanks for visiting today!

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