Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Threading Embroidery Floss through Tiny Button Holes | Tutorial

Today I thought that I would share a quick tip about threading embroidery floss through tiny button holes.

I don't know about you but I really prefer the look of buttons that are threaded with embroidery floss or twine.

But some buttons are so tiny it is hard to get the floss through the holes and a needle is not an option.  Waxed dental floss is a great tool for threading these small button holes as it is smooth and slippery and ready easy to push through the tiny holes.

To start with thread the dental floss through one hole, from back to front.

And then back down the same hole, leaving a loop at the top of the button.

Now place a strand of embroidery floss inside the loop created by the dental floss.

And pull the dental floss gently through the hole.

Be care to leave one end of the embroidery floss at the front of the button.

There you have it, one button hole is complete, now you can just repeat these steps for the remaining holes.  Be sure to alternate the location of the dental floss look from front to back.

And then you can add a bow or knot!

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