Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dyed Bottle Brush Trees | Tutorial

Hello there!

I was recently playing with some bottle brush trees (the Tim Holtz brand) that I ordered through ScrapMuch?,  they are all white and while I love them, I did want to add colour to one in particular for a specific project.

I must admit that I was a little nervous / intimidated - but do you know what?  It is so super simple!

You will need some mist in a colour that you love, and some washi tape.  Tape off the stand of the tree so that you do not get mist on it.

I worked in my kitchen sink, it is stainless and I knew I would be cleaning up fast so I wasn't worried about marking it.  I did lay some paper towel in the bottom of the sink as I didn't want the mist going into our septic system.  You could always use an old cardboard box, too.

After misting, I left my tree on a fresh paper towel for about twenty minutes, to dry.

I love the watery green colour!

My tree became part of a Christmas ornament!  I love it!

I created a (very) short video on the dying process. I actually thought it was going to be a bit more involved, but feel free to watch all 22 seconds of the process! ha!

My apologies for the lack of focus, I still need to dig out the tripod (not unpacked yet) and I was struggling to juggle the camera and mist at the same time - good thing I wasn't chewing gum! ha!

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