Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Water Colour Paint Tips and Tricks - Tutorial

Hi there!

I treated myself to some water colour paints the other week, and I had so much fun with them I thought I would share some of the ways that I used them.

Here is a look at the colour palette, I just love how rich and vibrant the colours are.

Since this was my first time playing with water colour paints, I started out by just playing around.  I really had no ideas what to do, what would work and what wouldn't. (As I write this, I realize that I could have searched for a You-Tube video! ha!)  But really they are super easy to use and loads of fun!

I started with a mask, plain white cardstock and a paint brush and bowl of water.  I got the colours I wanted to use quite wet and started applying paint over the mask, in a random fashion.

This is what it looked like when I removed the mask, look at how vibrant the colours are!  I had some bleeding between colours because I used a fair bit of water, but all in all it is still a fun look.

When the paint was dry, I ran this piece through my Silhouette and cut our a sentiment for an altered tin.

See how cute it turned out, even my test piece went to good use!

I used a similar technique on this layout, but once the paint was dry I doodled around the water colour circles with a black fine tipped Sharpie. I love the way the water colours look on this page.

Then I moved onto something a little different, and altered some little wooden disks with my water colours.

I used a Sharpie to define the two tones.

Next I tried a spattering technique, super easy, just wet your paints, load your brush and flick away.

This ended up being the base for this layout.

For my last two techniques, I switched from a paint brush to a sponge and didn't have my paints quite so wet.  I used a mask to create this star-burst pattern, adding more paint towards the centre and letting it fade a bit toward the outer edges.

And lastly, I used a sponge and a ruler to "ink" the edges of my layout.

The colours are amazing, the finish is almost chalky, and I really like how well the water colours work to tie my page elements together.

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