Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Martha Stewart Sparkle Texture Effect tutorial

Hi there!

Elaine and I were working with the Martha Stewart Sparkle Texture Effect the other weekend and despite the package instructions directing us to apply it in the same manner as the regular Texture Effect, we found that it did not have the same consistency or go on the same as the plain Texture Effect.

So after playing iwth it for a bit we came up with a simple way to use and and thought we would share it with  you.

Unlike regular Texture Effect, you will not want to use a craft spatula or old credit card to apply this paste, it is much too thin.

I opted for a foam brush, such as this.

You will also want to make sure your stencil is really well placed on your page, I used an older Heidi Swapp stencil that had a slightly sticky back, but you could always use some Washi to keep your stencil in place.  After you pick up some Sparkle Paste with your foam brush, you will want to carefully spread / dab it into the negative space of your mask. Be careful not to apply too much, it will seep under the mask.  A thin coat, or two is much more effective.

It is a little hard to tell in these photos but the Sparkle Paste gives a subtle and glittery look.  It is really, really pretty and dries pretty quickly! 

This is my finished project.

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  1. Oh my! I love the effect - so subtle - can't wait to play with it (my order just arrived - THANK YOU! )