Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Silhouette mat tutorial

Hi friends!

I have a fun little tidbit of information to share with my fellow Silhouette lovers (and Cricut lovers), today, it is more of a tip than a tutorial, but I hope it will be useful just the same!

I use a scraper to remove the leftover paper bits from my mat between cuts, but sometimes it can still have paper residue on it, that impedes the paper for the next cut from sticking properly to the mat.  You can see in this photo that my mat looks used but pretty clean. But papers weren't sticking well to it.

So I grabbed a dollar store lint roller ....

... and went to town rolling across my mat.  The only thing you need to know is that you can only roll in one direction. Look at my lint roller, it picked up so much fine grunge that you really couldn't tell was there.

Now my mat is really sticky again, and I was able to use it a lot longer!

Woo hoo this saves me a bit of money that I can now spend on some new paper! 

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  1. Great tip! I read recently you can use a spray adhesive on the mat to help them be sticky longer as well.

  2. Yes Amanda, you sure can, but it is messy and should be sprayed outside. Also you want to be sure to tape off your edges before hand, so that you do not 'gum' up the rollers of your machine. I have used this as a last ditch effort when I do not have time to go get a new mat. It works but it is not my favourite thing to do.