Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texture Paste Tutorial

Hi there,

I wanted to share a technique with you that I have recently been introduced to myself.  Actually, I have been aware of this technique / product for quite sometime, but have refrained from attempting it as I thought it seemed a little daunting.

Boy was I wrong, it is so fun and so simple and produces a really wonderful look.

My apologies for having the back of the product to you, but this is Martha Stewart Texture Paste and it is available at ScrapMuch?.  It is basically a water based paint with a texture medium in it. To get started you will need the paste, a mask in any style, and something to spread the paste.  I like a disposable knife for easy clean up, though palette knives work best.
Set the mask onto your page (scrapbook background or card background), make sure it is straight if that is the look you are wanting to achieve.  Spread a thing layer of paste onto the paper through the mask.  Note - you will want to go wit the flow of the mask.  In this case you would spread from side to side opposed to top to bottom.  this thin mask is more likely to buckle if you spread top to bottom, causing the paste to go underneath he mask and ruin your texture.

It is unlikely you will do the whole page, rather you will want to do a couple or few strategic spots. It is a good idea to have a rough idea of where your papers and larger elements will sit.  But you could always wing it, that is fun too!
You'll notice I have chosen to add texture to two spots on my card.

Gently lift your mask , for this mask pulling from one side to the other works best.

The mask cleans up really nicely with soap and water.  You canleave the past to dry on it's own, or help it along with a heat gun.  This speeds up the process from 24 ours to  only a few moements.

This is my finished card.  You can add colour to your textured area with distress inks and a sponge applicator, dipping  a cotton swab into your mists and rubbing it over a specified area to highlight it.  I also like to use a baby wipe to rub on some ink.  Misting it would also look great.

Here is a close up of my textured area.
There that wasn't hard at all was it?  I had myself all worked up over nothing!  I have also used this technique on a couple of layouts and just loved it!  You can expect to see more of this from me. 

Thank you for visiting!

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