Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiration on Thursday

Hello all!

We have something fun and unique to share with you this week!  Elaine was recently asked to create a guest registry for an 80th birthday party.  It was to have spaces to for the guests to sign as well as many photos that depict what an amazing life the recipient is enjoying and how much she means to her family.  Elaine, decided that given the number of photos and the number of guests coming to the party, that this guest book needed to be in 12 x 12 format.  In a beautiful album, that would become a keepsake for the recipient.  What a beautiful idea, and she did such an incredible job that I knew you would want to see it, too!

 Don't you just love the lined paper theme throughout the album, giving lots of space to add warm wishes.

 And the cohesive look, by using the same papers and elements throughout.

I'm sure you will agree that this is beyond gorgeous and a lovely keepsake.

 What are you creating this week? Leave us a comment with your blog address (or other link) ... we will be sure to stop by and leave you some love.  Also, don't forget you can email anything you wish to share, to me here, to have them shown off on our Thursday blog posts.

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  1. this is beautiful!!! great job Elaine!!!

  2. Can I say Wow! This definitely makes a lovely gift!