Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stamped Background Tutorial

Hi there!

I am sharing a tutorial today, giving some information about how I created the background on this page using a stamping technique.

I started out creating this page by adding distress ink to the background, this is a technique that I have shared before and your can see it here.  The only difference with this page is that I tried it on a patterned paper base this time.  BTW, it works just as well!  You can see I used a brownish colour ink to "grunge" up my page a bit.

I wanted to add a bit more rustic appeal to my page, and give my base a bit more depth.  So I decided to stamp on it as well.

I am using a large background stamp, because it has a wood grain look that I was going for, but you can use any type of background stamp you like.

I inked up my stamp with a darker distress ink than I used in the previous step.

Then I stamped small portions of the stamp, in a few semi strategic areas onto my base paper. You can see I am not using a block for this technique, you really do not need to, you get a bit of a looser more random look this way.

Now I will share my boo boo with you...  I strongly dislike the hard edge that happened here.  Definitely not what I was going for.  Thankfully the rest of it turned out as I had hoped.  Try to avoid this if you can.

Thankfully, I could hide it ;)

So glad you joined me today!


  1. great idea, i love using the distress pad on the paper paper but never thought of layering it with a stamp!!!