Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I have a fun technique for you today, actually just a simple and quick tutorial about making pinwheels to add to you creations.

First, gather your supplies...

 You will need a square of double sided patterned paper (mine is  3" x 3"), a pencil, an eraser, a piercing tool or thumb tack, scissors, a brad, and a small circle of coordinating paper, and an ink pad (optional).
 First, draw some pencil lines with a ruler from corner to corner of your square.
 Using your scissors cut along the pencil lines, but not right to the centre, leave about 1/4".

 Erase your pencil lines and ink the edges if you wish.  If you are inking you will want to ink both sides of all of the edges.
 Next pierce a hole in the centre and one side of the little 'triangles' .
 Slip your brad through your small circle piece, then through each of your 4 corners, and lastly the centre of your square, and secure.  This is what you end up with.
Now it is ready to use of your project.  I whipped up this quick and fun Father's Day card.   I have used these pinwheels on layouts too, I am okay with them getting flattened after they are in may album, in case you were worried.  They still look like a pinwheel and still add a bit of dimension to your project.
 Oh, and here's a little close up.

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Thanks for popping by today!

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  1. Laura! how awesome!!!!
    at first I was like, what is this going to look like and of course it looks awesome! I'll have to try it out!