Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tips and Techniques - another use for your circle punches


We are back on this wonderful Wednesday (wonderful because we are halfway to a long weekend)!) to share another tip with you.

I have often wanted to corner round a long thin strip of paper but when i try this on a narrow piece of paper I get this funny bump thing in the middle.  Then I tried this....

You will need, a circle punch, and a strip of paper measuring about 1/4" narrower than your punch.
 Insert one end of your paper strip into your circle punch from the bottom, instead of through the side as usual.  If your punch has a sliding plastic cover on it you will want to remove it first.
 After you punch this edge, this is what you are left with.  Strips like this would make a fun addition on your project. 
Anytime we ca find mor that one use for a tool, it's a good thing!

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