Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Retreat

Hello blog friends!

It's hard to believe our spring retreat has come and gone.  We had a great weekend with our friends (both new and old), it was a truly relaxing atmosphere.  We were spoiled rotten with delicious food, comfy beds and great prizes and loot! Some of the ladies took advantage of the spa, the massages are said to be excellent, and anyone that got a pedi was raving about that too!

This is a picture of the owners of ScrapMuch?, taken just after we finished setting up the store and the scrap space.

Loading and unloading the truck, setting up the store and scrap space was a big job squeezed into only a few hours.  It was such a lovely warm day,  so we were running over to the Inn to grab a quick shower and freshen up before we greeted our guests.  But couldn't resist this photo opp!  Isn't this building beautiful?

Our scrap space was equally lovely, although more rustic,  it is called the Carriage House.

As someone who loves country and rustic and almost anything antique, I am completely in love with old barn board, so this building really drew me.

Although it's really hard to tell in this photo, the lighting was excellent.  This is usually a common complaint at crops due to the size of the rooms, however, the lighting here was so good most of us didn't even need our table lamps.

Here are some more photos of our scrappy friends hard at work....

This building had a loft, where we had our lunches and dinners served to us, we sat at tables or in comfy chairs and relaxed a bit while we ate and chatted.  We were assigned a staff member named, Dylan, to serve our food and look after our needs.  Can I tell you that this young man went above and beyond the call of duty, he even managed to search out a cell phone charger for Elaine, as hers was inadvertently left at home, without even being asked.  He posed for some pictures and pretended to scrapbook to humour us and had  an in depth conversation about math with one scrappy friend / math teacher.  Dylan has big ambitions and will be heading off to university soon, we wish him much success.

We had our breakfasts buffet style in the main building, it was a really nice way to start the day, having breakfast with a friend, or a few friends.

On Saturday night we had a pajama party, because there is no better way to spend time with the girls than scrapping, snacking and chatting and in comfy pajamas.

We offered three classes at the retreat, an altered canvas class, a photo box class, and a technique class which had the added bonus of becoming an altered bird house.  All of our classes went over really well, the ladies each put their own touch on their creations, which is the part that I love the best.  I love to see how we can all start with the same product and end up with a unique and beautiful creation!  Here are a few pictures from the classes.....

I will be back soon with some layouts to share that were done at the retreat, just waiting for some sunshine to help with my photography!.  But before I go ....  Do you want to know a secret?  We will be announcing the dates for our fall retreat really soon!  I know, exciting right?  Spaces will be limited so was for the big announcement and sign up right away.  You won't be disappointed!  Oh, I will tell you this .... it will be held here, at the Elmhurst Inn and Spa again!  Woo hoo!

Thanks for popping by today!


  1. so excited to hear the dates for fall!! it was such a perfect location.

  2. agreed! I have already started saving up!!!! I had such an amazing time and I can not wait for the next one.