Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips and Technique Wednesday

HI all!  Today is tips and technique day!  Today stitching is our technique of the week.  Stitching is a simple way to add a little dimension to your project.  Check it out.....

I started with this layout (based on a sketch from MME), which when I finished it, didn't really strike me as being done.
So I thought I'd add a bit of stitching, around the polka dot paper to 'frame' it.  First. gather your supplies, a piercing tools, a large eye needle, embroidery floss, and something to press into.  I use a piece of foam that came in a package of brads, another option is an old mouse pad.  If you are working on a good table make sure it is protected.
Now start by piercing holes on your layout, this paper is easy because of the grid lines, you can use a ruler to help you evenly space your holes.
 Work around the entire area you want to stitch.
Now you are ready to start stitching.  I usually secure my thread with tape as it doesn't add any bulk to the back of my layout.
 For this layout, I decided on a running stitch but you can really do any type of stitch you want to.
 Stitch around the entire area you have pierced.
Of  course, I couldn't stop there! I decided to add a few stitches on the other side of my layout too. This time, I am doing more of a cross stitch.  As I like odd numbers, I usually cross stitch in three's.  Which means you will need 4 double sets of holes, with the top and bottom rows lined up.
Now start stitching, working on a diagonal. First, in one direction and then go back and do the opposite direction.
 Again, securing the ends on the back of the project with tape.
 And here is the finished cross stitching.
 And a look at the finished layout.
Now it feels done, a few finishing touches was all it needed!

Here is another example, it's a layout  I completed a while ago, but shows stitching as well.

For the stitching on this layout, i lightly traced around 3 different sizes of storage jars.  I then, pierced my holes approximately the same distance apart.  Then I erased the pencil lines (use a good white eraser), and stitched away!  You'll noticed there are no spaces in my stitching on  this layout.

Thanks for popping by to visit us today!

PS  if you are looking for older techniques, they have been moved.  You can find them by going to the 'Posts by Category" section near the "Blog Archives" .  I moved them so that each technique could have it's own post instead of sharing a page, and to enable commenting.

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