Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Hi there,  we thought we'd have a spot for you to check out tips and techniques.  If there is one that you have been wanting to learn, please post a comment and we'll investigate doing a tutorial for you!

But for now, here is a technique for a quick and fun ribbon flower.

For this flower you will need about an 8 inch strip of gross grain ribbon with stitching

Gently pull the stitching from one side of the ribbon ( hold on to the opposite end of the stitching so you do not pull it right out of the ribbon).
Pull both ends of the stitching and tie them together tightly, in a knot.You will end up with a ribbon curl.
Make a coil with your ribbon curl and use a couple of glue dots to tuck under the unfinished ends, as well as hold your coil together
Add a button and you're done!  Now you have a beautiful flower you can add to any project.

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