Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fan Fold Flower Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This technique is not new, but I am seeing them all over the place again right now, so I thought it might be a good share for today.

First, gather your supplies, You will need....
-a scrap of cardstock a little smaller than your desired finished flower size.
-glue dots or other really sticky adhesive
-a 12 inch strip (always) of patterned paper cut to half the width of your desired flower size (mine is about 1 1/4" after border punching the edge)
-a border punch, if desired
-some sort of scoring tool

And here goes.....
After border punching along one length of your patterned paper, trim it down to the width you have determined will best fit your project.  Always leaving the length at 12".

Score along the strip of paper, at  every 1/4" interval until the entire length has been scored.
Cover your flower's base (this doesn't have to be a circle, but hey why not) in glue dots or another tacky adhesive.
Overlapping the two ends, adhere them together with a strong adhesive.
Next, gently press down on what will be the middle of your flower, sort of arranging the folds as you go.  Sounds complicated, but it's really easy.
Adhere your base to the back of the fan-folded flower, by gently pressing it into the adhesive.
 Embellish the centre of your flower as desired, the possibilities are endless.  For this one, I opted for the simple, but you can layer punched circles with buttons, brads, bling... anything really.
And here is a quick card that I made just for my flower!

Happy crafting and please let me know if you make a fan fold flower!

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