Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We R Memory Keeper Stitching Template 2 Ways | Tutorial with Laura

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I  wanted to share a couple of ways to use this great script text stitching template from We R Memory Keepers today.

If you haven't added one of these to your stash yet, you really should they are super easy to use and you will see later on in this post just how versatile they can be!

You simply pierce along the text in the indicated spots with a piercing too, pin, thumbtack - whatever you have on hand.

It will look like this once you are completed the piercing process, no brainer right?

And then stitch it up!

This is a sample of a layout that I created using a word from this template.  I love the look of using these stitched words along with alpha stickers.

Now I want to show you a little trick that I learned from my friend AurĂ©lie  

You can use this template to create a stitching pattern for almost any word!

Draw a temporary line on your page using a pencil, this will help you line up all your letters a little better.  Next, determine the word that you would like to stitch, and then look for the appropriate letters on the template.  I was going for the word "mother| on this sample.  The "m" and the "o" were already joined in the word "moments" so that was super easy.

I located a "t" and began piercing that.

I went back and added an extra pierced hole between the "o" and the "t" so that when it cam e time to stitch the spacing would look a little more uniform.

I continued on in this manner until I had all my letters pierced.

Then finished off my project with the actual stitching.

I created this project using this second way of utilizing this template.

Again I incorporated some alpha stickers.  Can you see endless possibilities for this template?  I so love it when we can use or tools in a variety of ways!

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