Monday, April 29, 2013

News from ScrapMuch?

Hello all!

As most of you know, our ScrapMuch? team is a close-knit and committed group. The four of us have spent many hours shopping, brainstorming and creating to make ScrapMuch? what it is today. Without our dedicated and innovative team, there would be no ‘ScrapMuch?’
Today we have an exciting announcement. Although our team and our event dynamics will remain the same in your eyes, there are some changes going on ‘behind the scenes’.
In order to pursue her career full time as owner of ‘Get Movin....Fitness For Everybody.’, 
Anita will be stepping down as co-owner of ScrapMuch? She has shown great passion and success with her new job and we wish her all the best with this endeavor. Anita will continue to have an active role in ScrapMuch? and will continue to be an integral part of our team.
It is with great pleasure that we announce Eileen Mead will take over the position as co-owner of ScrapMuch? Eileen has been with ScrapMuch? from the very beginning and has contributed in many different roles. Eileen is a multi-talented individual and brings both her financial knowledge and her genuine enthusiasm for the scrapbooking industry to the store. Please join us in congratulating Eileen with this exciting new transition.
Although the ownership of ScrapMuch? has changed, the name and level of service we provide to you will remain the same. We will continue to grow and greatly appreciate your loyalty and support as we continue on this thrilling journey.
Elaine, Eileen, Anita and Laura

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  1. Better late than never... just catching up with a month of reading and just saw this announcement: so congratulations to Anita and the best of luck in this new path. Hopefully we still see you at events and retreats!

    And congratulations to Eileen, the Actuary Scrapbooker, on this new role. Looking forward to see you all soon I hope, maybe tomorrow (May 25). Good luck to all of you Elaine, Eileen, Laura and Anita.