Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go Green for a Kayla - At This Saturday's Crop

Hello everyone!

 We would like to share a little something with you ....  ScrapMuch? has the best customers!  They are supportive, warm, caring and more than just  customers to us - they are friends, that we look forward to seeing and sharing time with.

So when we get a letter like this from one of our ladies, we just have to share it with all of you.

"Hi Ladies,
I was wondering if on Saturday we could encourage everyone to GO GREEN FOR KAYLA! Kayla is a young vibrant girl who I have met through supplying these past 2 years with Waterloo Catholic District School Board. She is currently on life support waiting for 2 new lungs. In support of her there are a few initiatives that have been started. The first is on April 5 where everyone is going to "Go Green for Kayla", where they wear green, decorate your house, your car, & encourage your community to do the same!!! So I am wondering if we would be able to GO GREEN the next day at our crop and then take a picture so I can upload it to their site. This is a big event that is happening throughout the Waterloo Region and I would love to do something as well!
Also on May 11 there is a run that is being held at the Bob McMullen Trail in Cambridge. This was Kayla dream to run in as she and her family organized it in an effort to raise $10,000 for the Sick Kids Foundation. Unfortunately it looks like Kayla will not be able to participate so we need to do it for her. Both donations and participation's are being sought out for this event. it is a 5km walk/run that I was hoping we could also inform the ladies of in case they are interested in joining me
On top of this there is also a huge push to encourage people to become a registered organ/tissue donor which we could mention.
Let me know your thoughts and if we are able to encourage everyone to come decked out in green in support of Kayla!
Talk to you soon!!!
 From Joanne Johnstone"

So for our friend Joanne, wear your green at this Saturday's crop, bring your biggest smiles for that photo and if you happen to have a few dollars to spare to sponsor this run,  we know it would be truly appreciated.  If you want to join in the run feel free to email us and we will be happy to get you more information!   And don't forget to sign your organ donor cards if you can.

ScrapMuch? will also be helping out, as many people and families will be decorating their houses, cars and themselves in green to show their support for the"Go Green for Kayla" initiative, ScrapMuch? is asking all of our Saturday croppers to do the same. We will donate $1.00 for every person who 'sports' their green at our crop this Saturday.

Saturday April 6th
from 9am-5pm.  
Cost is $25+ tax
Bring your scrappy stuff and have a great day scrapbooking with friends.  
Our store will be set up on site.  
Lunch, snack, and beverage included. 
Email us at to reserve your space!
The Crop will be held at the Salvation Army Church in West Brant, Located at 33 Diana Ave, Brantford ON

Thanks friends we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.  Show your support and wear your green!!

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  1. What a great cause! Hopefully we'll see lots of green on Saturday!