Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Faux Water Colour Painting with Mr. Huey's Tutorial

Hi there!

 I have a fun tutorial to share with you today. This one is a little messier than I usually play with,  I sort of have a thing about mess.... but it turns out so cool and pretty and I had so much fun, I couldn't resist.  I also found a way to minimize the mess and clean up!

Now to minimize mess and clean up, I used a couple of layers of clear food wrap as my artist's 'palette'.  When finished just roll it up and toss it away.

First spritz a few colours of mist beside each other, you will want to get some overlap onto one stamp.  I used yellow, green and a light teal.  Choose a stamp (I used a fern stamp) and tap it into the mists.
 Now stamp in onto your paper.  I used a double stamping technique to  crate some colour variation and depth.

 Next up, I used a red and white mist to stamp some flowers .  And then a darker teal mist for more leaves, filling in along the lower edge of my paper.

 Then I went back with another flower stamp and some black ink and stamped a focal flower and a butterfly.

 And then some finishing touches!
It's really that easy, and the only clean up is washing the stamps!

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