Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gift Bag- A Tutorial

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 I have a new tutorial to share today.  We are going to make this cute little gift bag, perfect for those situations when you do not have just the right one on hand.

First of all, this works better with thinner papers as opposed to really heavyweight card stock.
 I have started with a piece of paper measuring 9" x 12".   Working along the 12" length, score at 3" and 8.5", and fold each side toward the centre.  This will give you an overlap seam where you can add the adhesive. 
Also score at 1.5" along the entire width of the paper.  This will create a bottom for your bag.
 Folding your paper towards the centre at the 2 score points, adhere your back seam together.

 Working at the bottom of your bag, open up the end and fold the sides inward, as shown.  
 Now fold the bottom flap up so that it overlaps the gap in the middle.

 Fold the top flap down so that it overlaps the bottom flap, close the gap using adhesive.
 Next up, I punched along the top of the bag, this is optional, but pretty.
 Take two scraps of cardstock measuring about 1/4" shorter than the width of your bag.  Punch holes at either end.

Thread ribbon through the holes to become the handles of your gift bag.  Secure the ribbon, and adhere the cardstock strips inside your bag.

Add gift and you are done!

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