Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Backgrounds and Paint Tutorial - ScrapMuch?

Hi there!

 I saw this fun technique for creating a really pretty background and thought I'd share it with you.  I have created a card, for simplicity sake, but it would look equally stunning on a layout as well.

 For this technique, you will need, a stamp with not a lot of detail ( I am using a butterfly stamp) and some acrylic paint.  I like to use waxed paper as a 'palette' of sorts when I am working with something messy, as I can throw the whole thing in the trash which reduces the clean up I have to do.  Make sure your paint is spread out fairly evenly and about as large of a blog as your stamp.
Stamp your stamp into the paint and then onto you base paper, repeat this process until you have a nice random looking pattern on your base.  Be sure to turn the stamp as you go along to give a more random look.  This dries pretty quick, but if you are impatient pull out your heat gun and help it out!

 This is the card that I created with my base, I think it looks great and even better with the addition of some Mr. Huey's.

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  1. Wow ... this is a gorgeous card! Love what you've done with the paints!