Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Pencil Box

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So glad you popped in today!  As you know, I shared this little pencil holder yesterday.....

And I am back today to share the "how to's" with you!

You will need a piece of paper 5.5" x 2.75", 3 pencils, a scoring tool and a 1 inch circle punch, if desired.   I used Jillibean's Apple cheddar Soup line to create mine.

 3 pencils measure 1 inch wide and .25" deep, or thereabouts.    So we want to create a box that is 1" wide, .25" deep with two back flaps to overlap and adjoin together.  I figured that having one back flap slightly wider will allow us to have them overlap and give us a spot for adhesive.  So the following measurements will give you one .5" flap and a .75" flap.

 Starting with your paper sitting vertically, score at .75" and 1".  Then turn your paper horizontally and score along the length at .75", 1", 2", and 2.25".  Trim off the .75" x 1" strip and the 1" x 1" strip at the bottom corners.

Using the circle punch, align the punch so you punch a half circle  between the two central score lines that are 1" apart.

Turn over the paper and add adhesive along the edge of the paper that is  .75"  wide form the last score line.

 Also add adhesive to the front side edge of the 1" x " bottom flap/

 Fold the box into place.  I like to do this around the pencils so that when I am pressing the adhesive into place, I have something firm to press on.

 Now start decorating the box.  I have used a 1" x 2.75" piece of apple paper matted onto a 1.25" x 2.75" piece of blue paper and wrapped it around the box.  This helps to make the box more stable too.
A few more embellies and some personalization with mini alphas make this a really sweet little gift for a child heading back to school or even a party favour.  You could even adapt this project to gift a teacher with a ice pen /  pencil set.

Thank you for popping in today and happy crafting!


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