Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Christmas Tags

Hi there!

Today I thought I would do a little tutorial share on Christmas Tags.  The other day when I set about to make my Tags, I wanted to be sure to make them quick and easy, as well as fairly simple.

So first, I gathered some supplies......

 You will need, some scraps of paper but into tag shapes ( I used the Cricut, but you could use a Cuttledbug as well), a simple small stamp, Versamark, embossing powder, and an ink pad to coordinate with your embossing powder.
 Now, stamp your image onto your tag with Versamark ( I know it's hard to see but it is on the photo).  You can stamp a couple at a time.
 Now add the embossing powder.  Once the powder is on, you can let them sit until you are done stamping and putting powder on the rest of your tags and heat set them all at once.
 The last step is to ink the edges with a coordinating ink.  Quick and easy right?
 Here is a sample of some I make in gold.
 And silver.
And red.  For this tag, I punched out a 2 inch circle with a punch and then used a hole punch to make a ribbon hole.  So even if you don't have a Cricut or Cuttledbug you can still create sweet tags.  You could also simply cut out rectangles and add a hole punch.

Would this be fun to do with a few girlfriends?  You could each bring one stamp and embossing powder colour and then share.  Over a glass of wine you could make a few dozen tags and have some girl time too!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to!


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  1. JUst what I needed when I needed it! Thanks Laura! Lovely!