Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Another Use for your corner punches

Hi all! 

It's Wednesday and I am here with another tip for you!  If you are like me you probably have a huge cache of punches.... border punches, shape punches, corner punches, around the page punches..... and the list goes on!  Recently I came across a post on Little Yellow Bicycle's blog, showing another way to use the corner punch.  You know the ones that coordinate with the border punches to punch all the way around a sheet of card stock.  Well, you know I just had to share it with you!

As always, start of with gathering your supplies....

You will need a circle (size of your choosing) of paper, and your corner punch of choice.
 Now make your first punch, like so.

 I know it's hard to tell in the photo but look really closely (or enlarge the picture) and you will notice that start the next punch by overlapping the edge of the previous punch.  Continue your way around the paper in this same manner.  When you come to the last bit, you may have to overlap a little more or a little less depending on your spacing and circle size.

 You can do this with any size of circle, here are a few examples for you.

You will probably want to play with this with scrap paper for a bit, and don't worry about being a perfectionist.  You may have one section slightly wonky (technical term)  that's okay, as by the time you use this piece of your project, it is unlikely the piece will show in it's entirety.... that's what embellishments are for, right? 

Anyway, it's super easy and a great way to add some fun to your page.

Thanks for popping in!

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  1. just fantastic! thanks for sharing this one! love love love!