Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Christmas Ornament

Hi there!

It's Wednesday already, and that means I have a new tip or technique for you!  This week I am making paper Christmas Tree ornaments.

While I was playing with this Teresa Collins Christmas line, I fell in love with this particular patterned paper.  The diamond shape int the pattern made me think of ornaments and my little idea took off from there.

 First, i made a little diamond template.

Then I traced it onto may patterned paper to make sure each side of my ornament had a full diamond on it.  Now if you were using a random patterned paper, you could skip this step.

Now cut out your four diamonds.  You'll notice that mine have two non pointy corners.... just the way things worked out for the size of the diamond and the image on the patterned paper.  I am okay with this.  Again yours may or may not need two non pointy corners depending on your paper choice.

Score the centre of your diamond along the shortest width.

I tied a knot in some glittery tulle about an inch up from the bottom and then I snipped it to create a fringe effect.

Now adhere the 4 diamond pieces together.  Adding the tulle into the centre as you go along.

Punch a little hole in the top to add some twine or ribbon to hang the ornament and add a few gems.   And you are done!

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