Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Scrapbooking and Photography Tips

Hello all!

I thought I'd offer up a few tidbits about scrapbooking your holiday photos, and some photo taking tips for the upcoming season, as well as some basic scrapbooking ideas.

For those of us that scrapbook events like Christmas and Birthdays, you know that the layouts can get a little busy looking and frankly feel quite similar year after year, so I thought I'd offer up a few suggestions for you to keep in mind, when you have your camera out over the holidays.

Sometimes it's nice to document our children's faces, and how they change from one holiday season to the next (they do a lot of growing in a year), so I like to do a close up face photo in front of the tree, capturing them when they are gazing off into the distance kind of dreamy like makes for a nice scrapbook photo.

Another option which is great if you have more than one child (you could attempt this with one child and a pet if your pet listens well, mine doesn't really!) is to have your children hold up a Holiday banner, or even large cut out letters like J  O  Y .  Be conscious of your background, outside in the snow or in front of a fence or brick wall or inside drape a white or black sheet over the sofa or wall.

How about your child(ren) holding two candy canes together to form a heart shape, with their little faces peeking through.  You can do this with your sweetheart too and hold it in front of your smooching faces!

How about having all of you family snuggling into one large chair or a sofa, use the timer function on your camera it is fun and easy.  If you don't have a tripod, drag a little table in front of the sofa, you can always use a few books to elevate the camera to just the right height.

What about a snapshot of your child holding or playing with their favourite gift that year, who says Holiday layouts need to have dozens of photos?

Oh, and the all important letter to Santa photos, these are great memories to preserve.

And as always when we are scrapbooking, don't feel like you have to scrap in chronological order, it's okay to store the layouts that way in an album, but when it comes to creating you will fine the creative  juices will flow much more easily if you scrap what speaks to you each time you sit down to create a layout.

I hope this gives you a little food for thought and helps with some of your holiday photos and layouts.

Thanks for popping in!


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